Protecting Your Financial Future

At Worldsource Financial Management and Gatt Wealth Management, we believe there is no better way to serve the needs of Canadian investors than by providing access to independent, unbiased financial advice. We can offer an array of solutions and a comprehensive suite of financial products and services to help you invest for your future.

Nathan Gatt

Practical Financial Advice You Can Count On

Worldsource Financial Management was founded in 1989 and it a part of the Gaurdian Capital Group Limited which also includes:

Guardian Capital Group Limited is one of Canada’s largest publicly traded investment companies.  Founded in 1962 and publicly traded since 1969, Guardians sound history is complemented by a proven track record of accomplishment and success.

The Gatt Wealth
Management Process


“You Can Retire With Dignity – I Care, I Have a Plan, and I Have a Process.”

Financial Advisor Nathan Gatt started his business in 2001 with zero dollars, zero clients, and a passion for managing money with the determination and focus of a professional athlete. Now, nearly 20 years later the practice he built from the ground up during uncertain economic times – is still going strong.


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