Critical Illness Insurance

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You need more than health coverage — you need protection for your lifestyle during recovery.

Critical Illness Insurance can help protect your finances against the high cost of dealing with a critical illness and rebuilding your lifestyle. It helps secure your finances so you focus on your health.

Protecting You and Your Family

Critical illnesses like heart attacks, stroke, and cancer are not something we’d like to face at any point in our lives. Because the risk of getting ill can never be eliminated completely, it’s important that we plan well so that you’ll be able to make the financial choices required to make a difference when you need it most.

Critical Illness Insurance is not like traditional life insurance or disability insurance because it provides a living benefit to give you time and money to recover fully from a critical illness.

Securing the right insurance now while you’re healthy is one way to cover some of the unexpected expenses that could arise as a result of a critical illness.

Why you need critical illness insurance:

Sources: Heart and Stroke Foundation 2006; National Cancer Institute of Canada: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2007. They are provided for general information only.

Be pepared.

Few people are prepared for the financial burden that can come with surviving a critical illness:

Protecting your lifestyle during recovery

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment, when you need it most, to be used any way you see fit. This can mean covering extra health care bills, alternative medicines, business expenses, pay off debts, home renovations or treatment abroad – it’s your choice.

Protecting your business

You can use critical illness insurance to help protect your business.

Protecting your children

Use critical illness insurance to help protect your child between the ages of 60 days up to age 25, if the child is diagnosed with a critical illness or condition.

We’ll Help with Your Needs

At Gatt Wealth Management, we are specialists in critical illness coverage and can work with you to arrange an appropriate plan. Ask us to calculate how critical illness insurance could help you if you were diagnosed with a critical illness.

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