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When you plan for the future, one of the things you count on is continued income for yourself and your family.

Without this income, your family’s lifestyle and standard of living may be at at risk. Should you die prematurely, a new source of regular income will have to be found. Most Canadians use life insurance to address this problem. Life insurance creates an instant estate to support your family in case of your premature death. In addition to providing a tax-free benefit upon death, life insurance has many other applications.

It can be a vehicle to provide:

There are various types of life insurance available to today’s buyer. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of insurance products designed to meet your current and future needs, including:

Term Insurance

Designed to meet the needs of individuals and families, we provide five, ten, fifteen and twenty year term plans with a guaranteed and level amount of insurance. It is no secret that good health and cost of life insurance go hand in hand. Term insurance offers the most cost effective form of financial protection

Whole Life Insurance

Provides guaranteed premiums and insurance coverage for life. The premium is higher than initial term insurance premiums, but this higher premium contributes towards significant tax-deferred savings. Gatt Wealth Management offers several permanent whole life insurance plans which practically run themselves.

Universal Life Insurance

Another form of permanent insurance, which offers the security of life insurance with a highly flexible tax-deferred investment component.

Whatever your insurance and financial needs, we have a plan for you. Our sales associates are well equipped to help you achieve the best in insurance flexibility and protection. We at Gatt Wealth Management look forward to bringing protection to your life.

Contact a Gatt Wealth Management  representative today, and arrange a meeting to discuss your life insurance plan.

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